A Letter to My Lazy Mind

Young girl Writing letter to her Mind

Dear Mind,


I hate you because you lied to me, you told me to settle for less and asked me to sleep on even when others work on. You made me seek pleasure instead of pain, You deceived me and made me believe your comforting lies; instead of seeing the painful truth.

Even when I tried to step out, You told me “I can’t do it”

You showed me all the reasons why I can’t do it, you said I needed comfort and I need not to concern myself with hardwork; You even promised things are going to work out even if I don’t work hard. “You told me i can always work hard later

And now, My Life is so messed up!!!

Who are you Mind to ruin my life this way.
Why am I so enslaved to you that I can’t say no! I am not my Mind! I am Me and I hate you mind!!!

From now on:

I’m Going to say no to you. because you are not me
I am ME!
I will follow your gimmicks no more
I have decided and I will fight
I will do whatever it takes to become the best
I will endure the pain today for the gain tomorrow
I will put in my every bit and conquer every challenge that comes my way.
I am a Champion and I can’t be average
I am a Warrior and I can’t lose this war
I am a Winner and I will always win
And no matter how bad it is now, or how bad it going to get, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!!!

As for you mind, I will subject you to my standards. You will no longer rule me, I will rule you and decide what you should do and how you should do it. I will stretch you and get rid of all the negative shits inside you, I will fill you with the right stuffs and use you to become a person.

I know that if you stop trying to control me, We both can have a better and brighter future together.

By Godwin Chibuike

Online Business / I.T Consultant, Web Developer, Online Marketer, and Speaker. Dedicated to changing lives with my Special Weapon of transformation (Risus, Servite, Agnosco)

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