Are you a Hit and Run Person?

Did you play this prank as a kid?

When I was little boy, we used to play a little prank on our neighbors, we would knock on their doors or ring the door bell and just when someone is coming to answer the door, we run away.

Sounds familiar?

You can do it for as many times as you want, just make sure you don’t get caught.

Well, many adults are like that. They knock on the door of success, but they won’t wait for the door to be opened before they take off.

I call them Hit and run individuals or success cowards.

Are you a Hit and Run Person? Let’s find out.

Who is a Hit and Run Person

  • I want it, but can’t work for it!

A Hit and run person is that person who wants something but is not ready to take consistent and persistent action to get that thing.

They can be really interested and desire all the benefits the goal has to offer, but they never really settle down to plan and take consistent action to make it happen. Even when they do take action, they are not always committed to taking consistent action.

After the first few tries, they give up and run to another thing,

  • Short Term or Long Term

A Hit and run person is someone who acts short term. They may desire long term results, but are not ready to go though the route of long term, instead they settle for short term.

They believe in immediate gratification and would prefer to eat their corn now than plant it.

  • They just want to be lucky

Hit and run individuals are always trying out random stuffs to see if they will hit a jackpot.

You can see them in different gamble homes, lottery palace and casino tables. They believe that perphaps one day, they will be lucky.

They would rather spend all day trying to be lucky, than engaging in active work.

  • There is always something new

They are one of those persons who are always working on a new idea, but never finishing one. If you check the to-do list of a Hit and run, they are always filled with activities that are not dated.

Hit and run individuals are always chasing the next trendy shiny object they stumble upon.

In conclusion:

If you find yourself, in any of the category, you are probable a hit and run person. And hit and run persons are success cowards.

They want success but are not bold or brave enough to go all out and get it.

It’s time for you stand up and get serious about succeeding. Say no to Hit and Run! You will succeed.


By Godwin Chibuike

Online Business / I.T Consultant, Web Developer, Online Marketer, and Speaker. Dedicated to changing lives with my Special Weapon of transformation (Risus, Servite, Agnosco)

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