OMG! February Already?

WOW! It’s was just like yesterday, when we shook hands, hugged and shouted Happy New Year. We were watching the fireworks, taking apart the chicken and running around the beach. However, it is shocking and surprising to discover that January 2019 is over. Let me ask you two quick questions: How far with your goals? […]
Young girl Writing letter to her Mind

A Letter to My Lazy Mind

Dear Mind, I HATE YOU!!! I hate you because you lied to me, you told me to settle for less and asked me to sleep on even when others work on. You made me seek pleasure instead of pain, You deceived me and made me believe your comforting lies; instead of seeing the painful truth. Even when […]

My Special Weapon of Transformation (RSA)

I am on a mission to touch the lives of anyone and everyone I meet; and this led me to look for “big” things I could do to benefit the person next to me. I thought long and hard about what to do to touch the lives of everyone I meet, but can’t think up […]

My Personal Mantra!

I am Focused I am Determined I am Consistent I am Persistent I am Responsible I am Dependable I am Enthusiastic I am Energetic I am Great I am a Person of Passion and Compassion About my life and the life that I lead And from this day forward, I promise you I’m giving my […]