OMG! February Already?

WOW! It’s was just like yesterday, when we shook hands, hugged and shouted Happy New Year.

We were watching the fireworks, taking apart the chicken and running around the beach. However, it is shocking and surprising to discover that January 2019 is over.

Let me ask you two quick questions:

  • How far with your goals?
  • What did you achieve this January?

Well, I just checked my goal book and I discovered that I didn’t achieve any of the goals I set out to achieve in January.


Even-though I have been working towards it, I discovered that I had a lot on my plate and this made me to only complete about half of most of my goals.

So this month, I will focus on just five goals that are most important and make sure that I achieve them.

Speaking of February, I have chosen this month to be my month of gratitude. I want to show more appreciation to the people around me and also build better relationships with them.

By spending more time and creating new memories. So I did something unique this morning by taking time to craft out Happy new month messages to some of the most important people in my life.

Why Some? Well, I don’t know either.

My Happy New Month Messages

So, I sent this happy new month message to my dad. To thank him for everything he has done and show tell him that I do love him.

To a father whose counsel has always taught me to make the right choice. Happy New Month. May this new month fill your heart with joy and give you more miracles and testimonies. I love you Dad!

And here is the one I sent to my Mama

To a mother whose love and care is second to none. Your prayers has been a light unto my path, your love has inspired me to become what I am. I love you mom. May this month bring happiness, joy and divine protection upon your life. Happy New Month.

These Happy New Month messages below are happy new month messages for my sisters. I composed them individually for each one.

By the way, don’t try to figure out how much love I have for each, I love all of them equally and uniquely.

Happy New Month Message for Sisters

To a sister who looks out for me. Though she seems younger, but has the wisdom of the elderly. thanks for everything, thanks for the sacrifice, thanks for having faith in me. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I love you! Happy new Month.

To a motherly sister who believes in me and can sacrifice even her own life for me. I’m not ignorance of your love and care. Thank you. May this new month bring joy, love and blessings to your family. Happy new month.

To a sister who is unique, caring and special. Your continuous trust and support has kept me going, May all your heart desires be fulfilled this new month. Happy New month Love.

To that Big Sister, who will always challenge me to become better. You will continue to inspire me to do things I never thought possible. May this month open new doors of possibilities for you and your family. Happy New Month.

I sent this happy new month message to my brother

Happy New Month Message for a Brother

To my only brother, my second piece, my partner in crime and greatest advocate. You have always stood and defended me, you have always believed in me and you have taught me a lot of things. Thank you. May this month fill your path with light and bring you to the path of your destiny. I love you brother. Happy new month.

To my elder brother, your organisation and focus is something I envy. You have always shown your support and gone extra mile to look out for me, you have challenged me to do things I never dreamt of, thank you. May this month open new doors for you and may God lead you to the right path. Happy New month.

I have different ladies in my life, they inspire me, love me, support me and challenge me too. So I took time to write a message to each one. Here is the message

Happy new Month Message for Girlfriends

To the special lady who believes in me and stood by me during the hard times and is still standing. Without you, what would life be like? Your trust and belief has inspired me to become everything that I am today and with you, I know anything is possible. Happy new month. I love you.

To my bestie, though you seem so far, you are always in my heart. Thank you for the time and moments we’ve shared and may this month bring favour and blessing to you. Happy New Month Dearie.

To the runaway “love of my life,” who taught me that life is in phases. I am forever grateful to you, for helping me discover a part of me, I never knew existed. You are a blessing to your generation and may this month bring goodness, favour, blessings and joy. Happy new Month Dear.

To my mystery woman, who is loving, caring and super special. I love you and I will forever be yours. You have always helped out and saved me when I least expected. Thank you for being there, thank you helping me become who I am today, thank you for all the surprise gifts. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. I love you (and always will). Happy New Month.

And I sent this one to my bosses and mentors.

Happy New Month Messages for Boss and Mentors

To a mentor, a father, a friend, a partner and a boss. Your faith is outstanding. Thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me even when you ought to, thank you for being there when I desperately needed help, thank you for taking time to teach me. You are my Hero! May this new month, open doors of opportunity and bring about prosperity and growth to our business. Happy new month Sir.

To a mentor, a big brother and a boss. You will always be a source of inspiration to me, your big dreams, your unique ideas and your wise counsel is out of this world. Thank you for your support, encouragement and care. The sky is our beginning. Happy New month Sir!

To a father, a mentor and a man of valor. Your fatherly advice has saved me, your faith in me has made me and your constant support has never failed me. Thank you. thanks for not giving up on me, thanks for believing in me, thanks for being there for me even when I’m not there. May this new month fill your life with blessings, favour and joy. Happy new month Sir.

Last but not the least, I sent this message a “brotherly friend”

Happy new Month Message to a Friend

To my brother from another mother, you are an amazing leader and your humility is one I’m jealous of. Thank you for the support, teachings and inspiration you have given. May this new month bring favour, joy, peace, mercy and blessings upon you. Happy New Month.

Woohoo! That was all the messages I sent. I plan to send out more tomorrow.  However there is a final message I wish to send to you my beloved reader.

Here is a message for you:

To you, my beloved reader, you are special, you are amazing and thank you for reading my blog, thank you for giving me the gift of your time, you are an angel and may this month bring you love, joy peace and progress. Mayt God bless you beyond measure and grant your heart desires. Thank you. I love you. Happy New month.

Before I drop my pen, I have few questions for you:

  • What is your plan for February?
  • What are you going to do to achieve your goals?

You cannot feature in a future you did not plan for. Set goals and do whatever it takes to make your goal a reality.

Happy New Month!


Young girl Writing letter to her Mind

A Letter to My Lazy Mind

Dear Mind,


I hate you because you lied to me, you told me to settle for less and asked me to sleep on even when others work on. You made me seek pleasure instead of pain, You deceived me and made me believe your comforting lies; instead of seeing the painful truth.

Even when I tried to step out, You told me “I can’t do it”

You showed me all the reasons why I can’t do it, you said I needed comfort and I need not to concern myself with hardwork; You even promised things are going to work out even if I don’t work hard. “You told me i can always work hard later

And now, My Life is so messed up!!!

Who are you Mind to ruin my life this way.
Why am I so enslaved to you that I can’t say no! I am not my Mind! I am Me and I hate you mind!!!

From now on:

I’m Going to say no to you. because you are not me
I am ME!
I will follow your gimmicks no more
I have decided and I will fight
I will do whatever it takes to become the best
I will endure the pain today for the gain tomorrow
I will put in my every bit and conquer every challenge that comes my way.
I am a Champion and I can’t be average
I am a Warrior and I can’t lose this war
I am a Winner and I will always win
And no matter how bad it is now, or how bad it going to get, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!!!

As for you mind, I will subject you to my standards. You will no longer rule me, I will rule you and decide what you should do and how you should do it. I will stretch you and get rid of all the negative shits inside you, I will fill you with the right stuffs and use you to become a person.

I know that if you stop trying to control me, We both can have a better and brighter future together.

My Special Weapon of Transformation (RSA)

I am on a mission to touch the lives of anyone and everyone I meet; and this led me to look for “big” things I could do to benefit the person next to me.

I thought long and hard about what to do to touch the lives of everyone I meet, but can’t think up something great to do every time for everyone.

One day, I stumbled on a little quote:

Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing himself
~ Leo Tolstoy

I decided to make it a life long mission to change myself by doing things that will ensure that I’m constantly at my best, because when I’m at my best, I am helping the people around me.

We have been made to think that it is the big things that matters most, when in the real sense, it is the little things we neglect that matters most.

When I learnt this, I stopped searching for big things to do for everyone and started looking for simple things I can do to help the person next to me. And this gave birth to my Secret Weapon of Transformation the RSA.

Introducing R.S.A

RSA Stands for:

  • R – Risus
  • S – Servite
  • A – Agnosco

What does it mean?

The three words are from Latin and they stand for smile, service and appreciation.

How does it Work?


Risus is the Latin word for smile. It is the first weapon of transformation.

Nothing beats arming yourself with a smile, and one bright smile from someone next to you, can turn your whole day around.

Little wonder why Anthony J. D’Angelo said that: Smile, is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.”

With a simple smile, you can bring happiness to someone dejected and tired of life and with a kind smile, people who had lost hope, has found the hope to live on.

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” – Unknown 


Servite is the Latin word for service. It is a privilege to serve and to be served.

One of my most respected leaders Mahatma Ghandi said that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

This led me to always look for simple acts of service I can do to help the other person.

Simple service like picking an object off the floor, helping someone lift a little load etc. can make huge differences.

This doesn’t mean that when you can do more for others, you shouldn’t do it. The ultimate key here is to give yourself away in the service of others.

Always look for an opportunity and be caring enough to lend a helping hand to the person next to you.


OMG this is my favourite weapon of transformation.

This is the latin word for appreciation. Always show appreciation and gratitude to everyone with a kind word and a little prayer of blessing.

I believe that I’m privileged to have that person around me and this is why this weapon is all about saying the right words to the person next to you.

Say kinds words to anyone next to you even when they are mean to you. I believe that one little act will make a huge difference. Words like:

  • Thank you
  • God Bless you
  • Well Done
  • Have a Nice Day
  • You are amazing

or simple words of encouragement can go a long way in people’s life.

Don’t flatter anybody, and always use the kind words to convey your message. When you are angry or you are getting pissed off by someone, don’t say anything and if you can walk away, if you can’t wear a simple smile.

What is Secret about it?

Nothing really, except that it’s simplicity has been overlooked and nobody cares about it anymore. Secondly, I believe that with this weapon, I can transform the world and you can too.

My Personal Mantra!

I am Focused
I am Determined
I am Consistent
I am Persistent
I am Responsible
I am Dependable
I am Enthusiastic
I am Energetic
I am Great
I am a Person of Passion and Compassion
About my life and the life that I lead
And from this day forward, I promise you
I’m giving my best or nothing
And I Know its never going to be easy
But I’ve got an A-Game in Me
And I’m going to bring it out
So I will do myself a huge favour
I’m Stepping up and Stepping out
to Go Make it Happen!
Special Thanks to Tony Robbins and Video Advice for this one.

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