Opportunity comes but once! Really?

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Ever heard the saying:


I bet you do. However, a common question that a lot of people keep asking is:

“Does opportunity truly come only once?” Let’s find out.

Over the years, I have heard a lot of people refuting the saying, by stating that life is filled with countless opportunities.

I am not going to say no to the fact that life is filled with countless opportunities, I will not also dismiss the fact that “OPPORTUNITIES DO COME ONCE”

Here is my take on it.

Does Opportunity Come only Once?

While it is true that opportunities doesn’t come only once, it is is more important to understand that every opportunity is UNIQUE and has it’s own advantages and gifts.

Never make the mistake of mismanaging or ignoring today’s opportunity because you think or believe that there will be another tomorrow. Another opportunity will surface tomorrow, but today’s opportunity which you missed was sent to prepare you for tomorrows opportunity.

What Happens When You Miss an Opportunity?

If you missed today’s opportunity, another opportunity might surface tomorrow. But when the opportunity shows up tomorrow, you might not be able able to handle it. You know why?

Because you missed yesterday’s opportunity, the lessons and advantages you ought to have today, to take advantage of today’s opportunity is not available to you and this is why you might end up failing at today’s opportunity or working much harder to meet up with its standard.

You Must Not Miss any Opportunity!

If you miss an opportunity today, you will have to pay the price tomorrow by working much harder to make up for it. If you are not strong enough to work much harder, then you will find yourself passing tomorrows opportunity.

And if you allow yourself to believe that opportunities is always coming, you will soon start ignoring and mismanaging opportunity, believing that there will be another one.

In the end, you will just keep passing over opportunities repeatedly and when this happens you will become poor.

Because one acronym for Poor is:

P – Passing
O – Over
O – Opportunities
R – Repeatedly


It is a pity today, that a lot of people take many opportunities for granted and are wasting it. Take a look around you and you can see it everywhere:

  • The Husband who takes his wife for granted (Wasting away a great opportunity to show love)
  • The Wife who sees family as a burden (Wasting away opportunity to leave an indelible mark on their souls)
  • The Employee who doesn’t care about the job (Wasting an opportunity to build a connection and learn exiting new things)
  • The Boss who takes employee for granted (Wasting opportunities to mentor someone to greatness)
  • The business man who quarrels with his customers (Wasting opportunities to build loyalist)
  • (Add your own…)

The list is endless, while I have used simple examples of our day to day relations and interactions, there are still many facets to this.

Step out today and make the most every opportunity. Step out today and create opportunities of love, of forgiveness, of success, of new business relationships and ideas.

Start looking for the best way to make the most use of everything you have now. Your job, your relationship, your marriage, family etc.

Never believe there is a second chance, you may never get one. Instead make the most of what you have now. Finally my beloved, never wait for opportunities, instead go out and create one.

Never Waste an Opportunity.

By Godwin Chibuike

Online Business / I.T Consultant, Web Developer, Online Marketer, and Speaker. Dedicated to changing lives with my Special Weapon of transformation (Risus, Servite, Agnosco)

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