The Blind Man Who Climbed to the Top of the World

The Blind Man who Climbed to the Top of the World

"I think that it is everyone's obligation they owe to themselves and to their lives to figure out their own way up their own mountain." ~ Erik Weihenmayer

Ever heard of Erik Weihenmayer? The first blind man to climb to the top of the world. Erik Weihenmayer was the first blind man to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He achieved this feat on May 25, 2001.

Why would someone without sight spend a week trekking to Everest Base camp, scale a 4,000-foot wall of glacial blue ice, traverse the South Col Death Zone, and then hike up the South Summit and Hillary Step where six breaths are required for each step? For Erik, it is both the reality and the symbolism of living a life with no barriers. “It takes people’s perceptions of what’s right and what’s possible and it shatters them into a million pieces,” said Erik. “Then when people have to rebuild their perceptions of what’s possible, it’s bigger.”

Erik lives his life breaking, expanding and reshaping people’s expectations of what it means to be blind or impaired in any way. He co-founded the non-profit No Barriers organization to spread the message of living a life without limitations.” source

The story of Erik inspires me and I wonder, what led a Blind man to achieve this feat; and the answer I got was:

“When I went blind at 13, I realized that I wasn’t going to be a good baseball or basketball player like I enjoyed before. It forced me to look beyond the obvious, to things that I could still do well.” ~ Erik Weihenmayer

If you too want to climb your way to the top, you must look beyond now. You must see that which is not there as though it were and see that which is there is though it was not.

As Billy Alsbrooks said:

“Vision is the genesis of all greatness. Your imagination is the womb that will give birth to your future.”

The wise man in Proverbs 29:28 says “where there is no vision the people perish“. Allow me to paraphrase it like this: “A person with no vision will perish”


Now Listen:

You cannot feature in a future you do not picture. Show me a man who succeeds, and I will show you a man who pictured that success.

However, It is a pity that a lot of people today, have no vision for their life. They don’t know where they are going and they probably don’t even know how they got to where they are right now. 

And I can’t Help but wonder…

Why a Lot of People (85%) have no Vision for their life!

Here is what I found:

1. Distractions

A lot of people have no vision, not because they don’t want to succeed but because they are out of track.

As kids, we were highly imaginative and visionary. But when we begin to grow, and the hard tides of life begin to hit us with harsh waves of realities, we lose our focus, vision and imaginations and become occupied with the “problems” that are surrounding us.

And this is why a lot of people have no vision. They are so clouded with their daily needs and problems that they can’t see beyond it. All they see is where the next salary is coming from or going to come from.

Your life is worth more than money. Stop living to make a living, cultivate a life long vision today and don’t allow distractions to steal them from you.

2. Unbelief

A lot of people, have amazing visions about their lives, but their unbelief has led them to completely abandon the path of vision.

I remember having a friend like that. Each time i talk about the big things I am going to accomplish, She will always tell me: “I have been hearing that for a while now.” or “How is that possible”. At other times she will say: “Here he goes again”

Now listen, don’t allow yourself to be deceived by unbelief.

Stop thinking like a loser. A loser would say: “Why have vision or dream when it’s impossible to achieve them?” If you are suffering from unbelief, then it is time to stop believing the negative and start believing the positive.

It is time to think beyond now and look beyond where you are. It is not impossible! You just haven’t put in the time and effort needed to make it possible.

3. Confusion

A good number of people are confused about life. They don’t know why they are on earth. They are just existing doing what others are doing and as a result, they can’t cultivate or develop a vision for their own life.

People in this state allow themselves to become driven by the opinion of other people. They can go any length to make you think highly of them and when you ignore or take no notice of them, they feel really bad.

They do things based on what the other person would think of it.

If you are in this category, I would recommend you take the control seat of your life. It is your life not the life of any other person.

Find your purpose and destiny and cultivate a vision to match it.


  • Do you have a vision for your life?
  • Twenty years from now where will you be?
  • What exactly do you really want?
  • What do you want to do with your life?

It is time to look beyond now and see the future.

It is time to develop foresight and set goals that will turn your life around.

It is time to look beyond your current circumstances and situations and see how your situation and circumstances ought to be.

So I Challenge you Today… See the Biggest Picture!

  • Where others see challenges, see chances!
  • Where they see obstacles, see opportunities!
  • Where they see problems, see profits!
  • Where they see pain, see the gain.

And While they’re thinking about the price, focus on the prize!

“I know that it might not be today, and even though it’s not tomorrow but surely someday, I’m gonna look back and laugh, because everything I saw and imagined has now become a reality.

Dear Friend, What do you see?

By Godwin Chibuike

Online Business / I.T Consultant, Web Developer, Online Marketer, and Speaker. Dedicated to changing lives with my Special Weapon of transformation (Risus, Servite, Agnosco)

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